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February 25, 1992 - Sasha & Tony Ross at a KAOS party in Leeds Warehouse




Recording from the KAOS party in the Leeds Warehouse. Sasha and Tony Ross were standing behind the turnttables this tuesday night in February 1992.

Sasha, real name Alexander Coe, grew up in Wales. In the late eighties he discovered house music and  moved to a small village near Manchester where he started as a DJ. In the late eighties and early nineties he played at many raves and clubs around Manchester. In 1990 he left the city for a residency in the club Shelly's Laser Dome in the city Stoke-on-trent.
DJ Tony Ross from the UK has only be a short time in the dance scene. He started. as a DJ in 1987 and played a lot together with Sasha in the early nineties. He stopped DJing around 1993



Side A
1. Rusty - Everythings Gonna Change (Sashas Vocal Mix)
2. Spacework - For All You Non Believers (Have A Nice One)
3. ??? "pump it up all the way" piano
4. Restless Rockers - Restless
5. Moz-art & Master Freez - Let The Music Move Me
6. Ben Dover - Get Down Tonight (Star Tracks Vol 2)
7. Elixir Vitae - Gotta Release It (has whip of the rhythm piano)
8. BG The Prince of Rap - Take Control Of The Party (Sinister Dub Mix)
9. Zero B - Lock Up
10. Paris Red - Good Friend (Heavy Club Mix)
11. Gat Decor - Passion
12. My Friend Sam feat Voila Wills - Its My Pleasure
13. R.H.C. - Fever Called Love (London Mix)
14. Toxic Two - Rave Generator
Side B
1. Clivilles & Cole - Pride (A Deeper Love) (A Deeper Feeling Mix)
2. Evolution - Harmony
3. React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream (The Light Mix) (Guerilla)
4. PM Dawn - Watchers Point Of View (Todd Terry Melody Mix)
5. Inner City - Hallelujah '92 (Leftfield on High Vocal)
6. IF? - Everything and More (Leftfield Mix)
7. Yo Bots - I Got It (Groove Mix)
8. Ursula Hybsch - Orgasm (Intro)
9. Ultracynic - Nothing Is Forever
10. Regime - What To Do
11. Buster Gut - Find Someone
12. Orbital - Chime (Ray Keith Mutation)
13. Dupree - Brass Disc (accapella)

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