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June 18, 1991 - Sasha and Mike Pickering at a Soak party in the Leeds Warehouse





Recording of the Soak night on Tuesday June 18, 1991 in the Leeds Warehouse. That night were Mike Pickering, Sasha en Marshall present. According to some sources Sasha and Marshall are on this recording. The recording is a tape rip.

In the late 80s and early 90s there was a holy trinity of venues in the city, There was The Warehouse and The Gallery and Arc. Big name DJs like Sasha regular came to perform at The Warehouse with nights like Soak and Kaos. And in 1993 The Warehouse sparked 24 hour party culture in Leeds when it was granted a 6am licence by exploiting a loophole in the licensing laws.



Side A (first half)
1. Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night (Redzone Mix)
2. Clubhouse - Deep In My Heart (La-Da-De Mix)
3. C&C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmm (C&C Classic House Mix)
4. Sandee - Love Desire (House of Def Mix)
5. B.O.P. Get It (Slammin Club Mix) (sounds like Precious - My Definition of a Track)
6. Shay Jones - Are You Gonna Be There (Hurleys House Mix)
7. Jellybean - The Real Thing (Accapella)
8. Automation - Espionage (Triple Helix)
9. Irving & Romeo - Brighter Day (Club Mix)
10. DJ Pierre featuring Lovette - I Might Be Leavin You (Mad House Mix)
11. Kirk Smith - The Journey (Big Sound Works)
12. Basscut - I'm Not In Love (Satoshie Tomie Dub 1)
13. Magic Marmalade - Everybody Get Up (DJ Mix)
14. Circuit - Shelter Me (Helter Skelter Mix)
15. Sydney Fresh - Feel The Bass Come Down On Me (Hot African Mix)
16. Bitin Back - Shes Breaking Up (aka mickey finn) Fokus Records "we have the technology for the first bionic man"
Side B (last half)
1. Underground Housing Authority - Here I Am "get on in, get on the groove, were lost in music" female
2. DOP - Take Me (Guerrilla)
3. Shades of Rhythm - Everybody
4. Bananarama - Long Train Running
5. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Red Zone)
6. K Klass - Rhythm is a Mystery (Remix) (2 copies)
7. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em (Paradise Garage Club Mix)
8. Congress - 40 Miles (Inst)
9. Raze - BassPower (Accapella)
10. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song
11. M1 - Feel The Drums (Sweaty Drums Mix)
12. 2 Raw - Lets Get Crazy (Doc's Dance Till You Drop Mix) "dance till you cant dance no more, get crazy" female
13. DSK - What Would We Do
14. Denise Lopez - Dont You Wanna Be Mine (C&C House Dub)
15. Jomanda - Got A Love For You (briefly)

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