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August 28, 1993 - Frankie Knuckles at a Soak party in the Leeds Corn Exchange




Frankie Knuckles live at a Soak party in the Leeds Corn Exchange, recorded in the summer of 1993.

The disco scene was in a major crisis around 1980 because of a large anti-disco campaign record companies decided to bring out no new record anymore. Although Frankie kept playing disco he had a problem because no new music was available. A a result he began manipulating music, by mixing disco sounds and using a synthesizer, which resulted in the evolution of a new music style. The new sound quickly became popular and more DJs began to adopt this new sound. The "Warehouse" music was soon corrupted to house music. In 1982, Knuckles left the club to set up his own club. The club The Power Plant stayed open. Till 1987


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