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December 17, 1991 - Brian Gee, Jumping Jack Frost & Grooverider at Voyage 2, Leeds Warehouse





Recorded live at The Voyage 2 party at  the Leeds Warehouse on Tuesday  December 17, 1991 featuring the great Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee giving the leeds massives a bonfire night special full of classics from the early hardcore rave days.

The first 25 minutes you can hear Brian Gee, followed by Jumping Jack Frost and the last 35 minutes Grooverides spins the turntables.

Four Voyage parties were held at the Leeds Warehouse. Voyage 1 took place on Tuesday July 7, 1991 At this first edition Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee were not present. Voyage 3 and Voyage 4 were held on monday May 4, 1994 and monday August 31, 1992, respectively.





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