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1991 - Fabio at The Eclipse in Coventry


Liveset from Fabio, recorded in 1991 at The Eclipse in Coventry. This is a pre drum & bass set with a lot of old school house tracks

Fabio, real name Fitzroy Heslop, has been at the forefront of the rave scene in the nineties. He strated his career as a pirate radio DJ in the mid 80s and joining together with long time DJ partner Grooverider, the pair happened to be in the right place at the right time when acid house exploded across London and the UK. Fabio and Grooverider are sometimes referred to as the "gruesome twosome". He started with early house music then moved towards jungle and drum and bass, Fabio is considered as one of the pioneers and is credited with pioneering the subgenre known as liquid funk as well as coining the name.


Side A
  1. Z-Formation - Oh
  2. Mental Cube - So This Is Love
  3. Beatboxx (Feat. Chazz) - Keep on Jumpin' (Subclub Mix)
  4. Tekniq - Tecknophone
  5. Hi-Ryze - Ride The Rhythm - Brainiak 7
  6. White - KMS 037
  7. Smart systems - Tingler (Remix)
  8. Bass Construction - Dance with Power
  9. E-Type - Listen up
  10. Peace of Mind - Acid Dungeon
  11. After Dark - Cardiac
  12. Austin - I Get High
  13. ID
SiIde B
  1. (cont.)
  2. Zero B - Lock up
  3. The Beginning - Love II Love
  4. Turntable Symphony - Instructions of Life
  5. UnderKut - Mindless Music (Una Mas Mix)
  6. Rejuvination - IBO (Soma 1)
  7. Phase 1 - Feel the Rhythm
  8. Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee - Shoom
  9. FSOL - 1 In 8 - Jumpin & Pumpin 14
  10. Out - Phaze - Re - Activate
  11. Bass Construction - Check How We Jam
  12. SL2 - The Noise


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