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March 12, 1994 - Steve Butler live at Miss Moneypenny's



Liveset from Steve Butler, recorded on March 12, 1994 at Miss Moneypenny's in the Bonds venue in Birmingham. The recording is released by the Miss Moneypenny's Music label as a tape double pack. On the other tape a liveset from Jeremy Healy can be found, also recorded at the same night in Miss Mnoeypenny's.



1. Jaki Graham - Aint Nobody (cover version of chaka khan)
2. ??? "waiting for you" female (not Think Twice)
3. Misbehavin' feat Joi Cardwell - Hot Little Body [Tribal] female/piano
4. The Good Men - Damn Woman [Fresh Fruit] "have you ever seen a child"
5. ??? "what is house music" male 
6. ???
7. Loni Clark - U (mix?)
8. N.Y. Connection - In Front, Wan' It? (High Resolution) "come on, baby"
9. The Floor Federation - Music For The Masses Part II
10. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Of My Man
11. ??? female
12. ??? "everythings gonna be alright" female/piano
13. Livin Joy - Dreamer 
14. Michael Watford - Michaels Prayer
15. Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan 
16. Kim English - Nite Life
17. ??? "gonna give you my love" female
18. Helicopter - On Ya Way (Remix) 
19. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys "girls out on the floor just move,, toledo"  
20. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine

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