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June 1988 - Liveset from Paul Oakenfold recorded at Spectrum at Heaven, London



Liveset from Paul Oakenfold recorded in the late 1980's at  Spectrum at Heaven, London.

In 1987, Oakenfold travelled to the island of Ibiza for a week to celebrate his birthday. Trevor Fung, Nicky Holloway, Ian Saint Paul, Danny Rampling and Johnny Walker accompanied him. Oakenfold convinced the owner of a venue in England to host an "Ibiza Reunion" party after-hours.. He had previously made an attempt, but it failed as the crowd was not prepared for the acid house style until 1987 when the party was successful. Since then, the night became a classic and became one of the UK's major acid house nights, known as "Spectrum at Heaven in Charing Cross". Spectrum became popular in The Sanctuary. As a bigger space was required, it turned into the Heaven club, which was run by Oakenfold and Paul. The party was best known for the "Theatre of Madness", as more than 1,500 people were present on Monday nights, until it went down; with the financial issues it changed its name to the "Land of Oz". Artists like Alex Paterson DJ'd in the VIP chillout area known as the "White Room", which gave Oakenfold more free time, and then he began producing music under the alias "Electra" in 1988. Members included Nick Divaris, John "Johnny" Rocca and Micky. Also in 1988 he decided to create a place where new artists could develop their careers. At that moment, Perfecto Records was born.

image: Spectrum at Heaven in the summer of 1988



01. [00] Jhalib - Mysteries Of The East
02. [05] Code 61 - Drop The Deal
03. [09] Cappella - Bauhaus
04. [11] Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
05. [13] Beats Workin' ‎– Sure Beats Workin'
06. [17] Orchestra J.B. ‎– On A Love Groove
07. [20] N.T. Gang - Wam Bam
08. [24] Off - Electrica Salsa (12" Version)
09. [29] Taurus Boys - You Are The One
10. [33] The Clash - The Magnificent Dance
11. [37] The Cure - Hot Hot Hot (Extended Mix)
12. [44] The Residents - Kaw-Liga
13. [48] The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On
14. [49] Black Riot - A Day In The Life
15. [52] Phuture - Acid Tracks
16. [57] Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant
17. [59] Gene And Jim Are Into Shakes ‎– Shake!
18. [63] Royal House - Can You Party
19. [66] The Endless Poker - The poke (The After Poke Mix)
20. [69] Company B - Perfect Lover
21. [72] The Todd Terry Project - Bango (To The Batmobile)
22. [76] The Project Club - Dance With The Devil
23. [77] Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set Me Free)
24. [80] The Night Writers - Let the Music (Use You)
25. [85] More Kante - Yeke Yeke
26. [91] Fine Tribe - De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)

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