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Video of the first Orbit night in Ossett on June 15, 1991




Welcome to the very first night of THE ORBIT !!! 15th June 1991 Ossett. The video quality isn't great but bear in mind it was over 20 years ago.
The technology was bad and the drugs were good! It was shot on a shoulder mounted video camera with a heavy belt battery and a full size VCR on a shoulder strap. As well as this I'll just add 'White Doves' and say no more!

The Orbit began as an idea for a local night because there was nothing like it on this side of the Pennines or within 2 hours South down the M1.
The Orbit started in Ossett at Woburn House, or what was otherwise known as "Thirtysomethings" - the name says it all.
It was conceived by a bunch of lads in the flat above Bell Hair on Barnsley Road, Wakefield. The work and design was done by the 3 lads that were Square Peg Design - Darren, Nick and Neil in the office behind. The rest of the lads formulated ideas in the flat above or at 61A Barnsley Road (just up from Busy Corner...recognisable by the ';A for Anarchy dustbin outside!)

The first night came. We honestly expected to half fill it - 1 - 200 people tops. To everyone's amazement it ended up well over capacity - with about 900 people rammed in there and about the same again outside. Unbelievable! Beyond everyone's wildest dreams! The place really went off that night! It totally rocked. It was raining sweat from the ceiling, leaving it about an inch deep by the end of the night, but nobody cared. It was THAT good! It was, however short lived. It only actually lasted a few months, the final few being split between there and 'The After Dark' at Morley. Problems with neighbours, fire regs, but mainly capacity saw it permanently transfer to The After Dark at Morley where it continued to reside, rocking the gaff for in excess of 10 years and became legendary as The North's premium techno night.
Nidge, Huggy, John E-Bloc, Mark Turner and big name guest DJ's and PA's kept it rocking right through the 90's until it shut it's doors for the final time in 2003.
This is though where it began. If you were lucky enough to stumble across this place there's no doubt you'll never forget it. I can honestly say, without any hesitation, they were the best nights of our lives.

text: Phil Burgess

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