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September 5, 1993 - Justin Robertson at Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee Summer Ball in Hereford



Liveset from Justin Robertson, recorded at Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee - The Annual Summer Ball, on September 5th 1993. The set was originally sold as a two pack with a liveset from Jim (Shaft) Ryan on the other tape..

This Justin Robertson set is also familiar as Justin Robertson & Dean Thatcher @ Chuff Chuff Enchanting Fairytale 20-6-93.

Furthermore there is some debate about the actual date the party was held. Some sources state that the party took place on June 6th, 1993 in Worcester, but the flyer below shows that Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee Summer Ball was actually held on September 5, 1993.







1. DJ Friendly - Down A J.D. (Ugly Bug Records) "gotta get this party rockin"
2. Lee Marrow - Da Da Da (Dance To The House)
3. Country & Western - Positive Energy
4. ? inst with piano
5. ? "rock rock, come on" male/funky guitar
6. X-Press 2 - Say What
7. Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita "take you to a higher degree" male / calypso carnival / piano
8. Scubadevils - Celestial Symphony (Angel Delight Mix) acidy/piano
9. Orbital - Chime
10. Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go (Mukkaa Mix) (Positiva)

11. B-Tribe - Fiesta Fatal (DJ Pippi's 'Pacha '93' Remix) panflute/guitar/goodmen beat
12. ? "gimme the funk" male/timpani/flute
13. Grid - Texas Cowboys
14. Gipsy - Skinnybumblebee
15. Fleetwood Mac - Big Love
16. ? piano
17. ? "lets dance, get on up" female/disco
18. ? "the music just turns me on, shake it up and down" female
19. D-Tek - Drop The Rock "rock rock dj, come on" male
20. FPI Project - Come On (And Do It) (Official Mix)
21. ? "gotta believe in what God intended" (female/piano) Ground level?


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