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September 5, 1993 - Tony de Vit at Chuff Chufff's Glorious Jubilee. The Annual Summer Ball at Hereford.



Liveset from Sasha, recorded at Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee - The Annual Summer Ball, on September 5th 1993. The set was originally sold as a two pack with a liveset from Mark Moore on the other tape..

There is some debate about the date of the party. Some sources state that the party took place on June 6th, 1993, but to the flyers below show that Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee Summer Ball was actually held on September 5, 1993




1. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
2. Carpe Diem - Snakecharmer (Eddie Lock 'N' Dylan) flute/ samples B-Line - Herbal Hand (samples tc1992)
3. Lifeforce - Scatterbox
4. Tony De Vit feat Norma Lewis - Make Love To Me
5. Decktition - Love Rush
6. S-Express - Theme From S-Express
7. Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita (The M.A.P. Remixes)
8. ??? "fee fi fo fum" same vocals as on Candy Girls
9. Transformer 2 - Just Cant Get Enough
10. Cappella - U Got 2 Know (3 am Ultimate Mix)
11. Public Art - I Wanna Feel The Music
12. Sharada House Gang - Let The Rhythm Move You
13. Jambo! - Drumattack (percussive inst with cowbells)
14. Back2Front - View Finder (synth track)
15. Afrika Bambaataa - Feeling Irie
16. Point Good - Lets Dance (Bad Zone Mix) (DFC) "get the point good lets dance" female

17. Brothers Luv Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix)
18. SAS - Amber Groove (Toxic Hijack Mix)
19. Xen Mantra - Golden Delicious
20. ??? male scat
21. Drop - Jump Party "jump jump people in the party, move that body, come on we wanna party" male
22. Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica (Remix) (Flying) "la muzika"
23. ??? "the music is movin" female (same vocals as fargetta)
24. Felix - Dont You Want Me (Mars Plastic Remix) crowd cheering
25. Delta Lady - Anything You Want
26. ??? "take it higher, feel your body burn with desire" male
27. Alex Party - Read My Lips
28. ICP - Free & Equal (Leftfield Remix)

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