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September 5, 1993 - Mark Moore at Chuff Chufff's Glorious Jubilee. The Annual Summer Ball at Hereford.



Liveset from Mark Moore, recorded at Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee - The Annual Summer Ball, on September 5th 1993. The set was originally sold as a two pack with a liveset from Sasha on the other tape..

There is some debate about the date of the party. Some sources state that the it happened on June 6th, 1993, but the flyer below shows that Chuff Chuff's Glorious Jubilee Summer Ball was actually held on September 5, 1993




1. Rozalla - Faith (In The Power Of Love) (Musik Out Of Control Mix) spanish guitar
2. Celine Dion - Love Can Move Mountains (Underground Vocal Mix)
3. Aquarius - Lets Get Down (Chicy Mix) [Spirit Recordings] "get down" female / samples chic - i want your love
4. Roach Motel - Transatlantic [JBO] "pump the bass, got to have it" female
5. Bad Vibes - The Callin "yo leroy" male
6. Staxx - Joy
7. Country & Western - Positive Energy
8. New Order - World (The Price Of Love) (Perfecto)
9. (31:10) ? sax/acidy
10. Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb) [Circa] sounds like Underworld - Rez
11. (39:20) ? "yeah" male cheer
12. Mars Plastic - Find The Way
13. DJ Professor - Runner (familiar) female
14. Delta Lady - Anything You Want
15. (63:00) ? "come on now" male scat
16. (66:40) ? piano breakbeat
17. Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica
18. Exposure - Party Claps
19. B-Tribe - Fiesta Fatal (Pippi's Noche Latina Mix) goodmen beat
20. Espiritu - Los Americanos [Heavenly] flute "rock rock" male/funky guitar "americano"
21. Beat System - To A Brighter Day (O Happy Day) (Mix?)

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