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December 5, 1992 - Dave Seaman live at Renaissance, Mansfield




Liveset from the British DJ and producer Dave Seaman recorded at Renaissance Venue 44, Mansfield on December 5, 1992.

The set was released by Renaissance on tape and on the other side of the tape was a mix from John Digweed recorded at Renaissance on November 28, 1992.




1. EMF - They're Here (Renaissance D:Ream Mix)
2. Glam - Hells Party
3. New Atlantic - Take Off Some Time (Love Decade Cry Baby Mix) sample hablando
4. Paul Mcartney - Deliverance (Steve Anderson Dub)
5. Paul Mcartney - Deliverance (Steve Anderson Remix)
6. B.M.EX - Appolonia (Qatmix)
7. S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (The Palladium House Anthem I)
8. Secret Life - As Always (Greed DMC Remix)
9. Arested Development - Mr Wendel (Oakenfold Perfecto Mix)
10. Tuff Productions feat Carol Leeming - Wont Get To Heaven (Extended Diva Mix)

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