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October 11, 1990 - Andy Carroll and N-Joi live at Quadrant Park, Bootle, Liverpool



DJ Andy Carroll with N-Joi live at Quadrant Park on Thursday 11th October 1990. Not the best audio quality but it is from a cassette over 21 years old...

In the summer of '88 Andy went to New York and sampled the club world of 'The Big Apple' . It was a hot bed of sounds and creativity where now legendary club nights were over-flowing with the 'house' soundtrack. When he returned, Liverpool was ripe for a whole night of Acid house. James Barton had been travelling around Europe and visiting the London Underground club scene. He'd been enjoying what Andy and Mike Knowler were doing at 'The State' and asked them if they DJ for a new night on a Monday to be called 'Daisy'. From the success of the first night it roller coastered swiftly onward to completely engulf The tate soundrack . Acid House had taken over the building!. The rest is fairly well documented history.

When The State was eventually shut down by Police (as they did with every house music club possible), Andy joined up with John Kelly and James Barton at their new club 'The Underground'. Here he played mostly on Thursdays and booked legendary acts such as 'Adamski' who was with the singer 'Seal'. Others included keyboard nutter 'Guru Josh', 'Orbital' and 'Mr Monday'. Andy and James started to promote gigs at The Royal Court Theatre with Big Audio Dynamite and Adamski, being some of the highlights of those concerts.

Mike Knowler invited Andy to DJ at 'Quadrant Park' and a new wave of house music began to sweep across the soundwaves of Liverpool's clubscene, a new legend was at it's beginning.




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