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December 1, 1990 - Andy Carroll live at Quadrant Park, Liverpool



Liveset from resident DJ Andy Carroll at Quadrant Park, Bootle, Liverpool, recorded on Saturday December 1st, 1990.

After be-friending Darren Hughes at Quadrant Park, James and Andy and posse used to go clubbing to various places including 'Most Excellent' in Manchester, 'The Hacienda' ect. and began discussing ideas of a place were they would have more control, where they could design the flyers and book all DJ's and acts. This place became one of the first superclubs and was to be called 'Cream'. Whilst working closely with Darren and James in the early days, Andy left the club before it was to expand to 2 dance rooms. He was getting offers to play all-over the UK and various parts of the world at a time when Superclubs didn't exist and most clubs lasted only a few yrs. The love of DJ-ing was far stronger than any desire to promote night clubs and Andy left the partnership amicably to remain resident DJ for the next years, while James and Darren began empire building.

Credits: www.quadrantpark.com

image: Quadrant Park, 1991



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