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May 10, 1996 - Paul Oakenfold live at Rhumba Club at Club Metro, Arbroath



Liveset from legend Paul Oakenfold, Recorded on Friday May 10th, 1996 at the Perfecto Party from Rhumba Club at Club Metro in Arbroath, Scotland. Besides Paul Oakenfold also John Digweed, Zammo and Spaceship were present this night.

Fifteen times a Rhumba Club party was held at club Metro in Arbroath, Scotland. The first Rhumba Club party at Club Metro was held on September 3rd 1993 under the name "Rhumbasaurus Rex" with Dave Seaman, Kelvin Andrews, Zammo and Gareth Summerrville behind the decks. The last party at club Metro was held three years later on September 20th 1996 again with Dave Seaman behind the decks together with Chris & James, Tom & Jerry, Bouthier, Zammo and Spaceship. The Perfecto Party, where this set was recorded, was the second last party held at Club Metro before they moved to the Ice Factory in Perth, Scotland.

Images: Entrance card (above) and flyer (right) from the Perfecto Party at Rhumba Club, Club Metro, Arbroath.






Tape 1  (1h34min)

1. Chakra - I Am (Digweed & Muir's 'Bedrock' Mix)
2. B.B.E - Seven Days And One Week (Original Mix)
3. ??? inst with big strings
4. Mr & Mrs Smith - Gotta Get Loose (Imperial vs Sherlock Remix)
5. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (1996 Way Out West Club Mix)
6. Minds Of Men - Brand New Day (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)
7. ??? "believe in .." male
8. Mozaic - Rays Of The Rising Sun (Electric Beach Mix)
9. E'voke - Arms Of Loren (Nip 'N' Tuck Original) "I heard it on the radio" Crescendo
10. ???
11. Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (Only Melody)

11. Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (Only Melody) [cont]
12. Zee - Dreamtime (Shaker's Full Vocal Remix)
13. Angeles - Its Alive (Remix) (re-edit)
14. Red Sun - This Love (Original Mix)
15. Underworld - Born Slippy .NUXX (Nuxx Mix)
16. Yazz - Abandon Me (Ramp Vacancy Mix)
17. Man With No Name - Sugar Rush (Refined Mix)
18. Man With No Name - Teleport (Original Mix)
19. Grace - If I Could Fly (Oakenfold & Osborne Trance Mix)
20. Terrorvision - Conspiracy (Hexadecimal Dub) [briefly]

Tape 2 (33min)

20. Terrorvision - Conspiracy (Hexadecimal Dub) [cont]
21. Grace - Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Master Mix)
22. Our House - Floor Space (Balls 'N' All Mix)
23. L.S.G. - Hidden Sun Of Venus (12" Version)
24. Section X - Atlantis (Original Version)
25. Legend B - Lost In Love (Original Mix)


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