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1989 - Trefor Fung & Colin Hudd @ Spectrum at Legends, Manchester



Liveset from Trefor Fung and Colin Hudd at Spectrum at Legends, 121 Princess street,  Manchester, recorded early 1989.

Greg Wilson: "No matter where I am in the world, people will ask me about The Haçienda - it’s a magical name for so many. They’ll say ‘wow! The Haçienda must have been really something’, and always seem surprised when I tell them that it wasn’t so great, for a variety of reasons, back in ’83 when I was there. The best Manchester club by a long shot at that point in time was Legend, and what a club!

Legends was a phenomenal club,  they just don’t make them like that anymore. A quite spectacular environment with its space age metallic décor (15,000 steel cans were spot welded together at different levels to form its unique silver ceiling), especially when the laser was bouncing about off all the reflective surfaces. The sound system was the best I’d ever heard in a club anywhere at that time, the sub-bass (another unique feature back then) would practically punch you in the chest! The lighting was even more impressive than Wigan Pier, which was an achievement in itself.

The tradition of black / dance music at Legend would continue throughout the 80’s, with DJ’s like Stu Allan, Colin Curtis, Mike Shaft and Chad Jackson having residencies at one point or another. The famous London Acid-House party Spectrum also held their Manchester events at Legend at the height of the Rave era, whilst the Happy Mondays recorded their videos to both ‘Wrote For Luck’ (1988) and ‘WFL’ (1989) in the club (and not The Haçienda, as many people assume)."

Full text: Greg Wilson

Images : Spectrum flyer and the interior of Legends at Manchester





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