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September 2, 1994 - Laurent Garnier at a New Frontier night at Club UK




Liveset from the French techno DJ and producer Laurent Garnier, recorded at New Frontier at Club UK, Wandsworth, London. The Final Frontier Parties at Club UK were organised by Universe. The first Final Frontier took place at March 1994.

The first album of Laurent Garnier, Shot in the Dark, was released in 1995, one year after this event. His second album, 30, appeared in 1997 and included one of Garnier's best selling singles, "Crispy Bacon". 30 was followed by the retrospective Early Works. After appearing worldwide with DJ appearances during the late 1990s, Garnier returned to production with Unreasonable Behaviour, released in early 2000, which featured one of his best known songs, "The Man with the Red Face". In 2005, The Cloud Making Machine, was released, followed the next year by Retrospective.







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