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June 27, 1992 - Liveset Carl Cox at the Amnesia House "Book of Love" party



Liveset from the legendary Carl Cox, recorded at the "Book of Love" party at the Brayfield stadium in Brayfield, Northamptonshire. The party started on saturday June 26, 1992 at 8 PM and lasted till 7AM.

In 1991 Carl Cox released his debut single, 'I Want You,' on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label. It reached the top 30 and he appeared at Top of the Pops. Two more singles also made the charts. But Carl was a reluctant pop star and as the masses moved onto fluffy house and trance, and the hardcore created jungle, Cox retreated into the club world that had nurtured him, and instead embraced the underground sounds of techno. "Techno drives home somewhere," he says of his core music. "It takes you to an element of surprise, not knowing where you're going. It's scary but wonderful at the same time."





1. Eternal - Eternal (Up On Under Club Mix) [Underground Level]
2. Pandemic - Slammin [Jumpin & Pumpin]
3. Doc Scott - NHS (Midday Mix) [Absolute 2]
4. DJ Seduction - Come On [FFRR]
5. Joey Beltram - Fuck All You Mother F**kers [R&S]
6. Phantasy & Gemini - Switch to 33 [Liquid Wax]
7. Justice & Mercy - Soothe My Soul [Whitehouse] samples collapse
8. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War [Metamorphosis] sax
9. Smooth But Hazardous - Made You Dance [Basement]
10. DJ Clarkee - Smiley [Red Zone]
12. Shaft - Monkey (Gyrating Intestines Mix) [Ffrreedom]
13. Terrorize - Its Just A Feeling [Hamster]
14. 1st Project - Right Before (Remix) [Fokus]
15. Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track [Ffrreedom]

16. ??? "woo woo woo"
17. ??? "yall ready" female "give it to them" male
18. Terrorize - Feel The Rhythm [Hamster]
19. Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why [Suburban Base]
20. Knight Phantom - Frequency Response (The Knight Phantom ep) [Rising High]
21. Awesome 3 - Dont Go [City Beat]
22. The Tripper - Trippers Revenge (Track 2) [White] samples - shock the beat / strings of life
23. ??? "consolidate" robotic male/bleepy
24. ??? "feel the pressure" or "so special to me" female/piano "kick it to em man" flava flav
25. Macka Brown - Dibi Dibi DJ [White] dancehall samples/bleepy
26. Kicks Like A Mule - Number One (Rockers Mix) [Tribal Bass]
??? "ah one two" fatboys sample (briefly)
27. Knight Phantom - Whats The Situation Now (The Knight Phantom ep) [Rising High]
28. Sonic Experience - Protein (Remix) [Strictly Underground]



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