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November 23, 1991 - Laurent Garnier live at the Orbit in Ossett, Leeds



Liveset from the french techno DJ Laurent Garnier, recorded at The Orbit, Ossett, Leeds in the Autumn of 1991

The first night of The Orbit took place in Ossett on June 15, 1991. The place was completely sold out the first night with 900 party people. The place really went off that night! It totally rocked. It was raining sweat from the ceiling, leaving it about an inch deep by the end of the night, but nobody cared. It only actually lasted a few months, the final few being split between there and 'The After Dark' at Morley. Problems with neighbours, fire regs, but mainly capacity saw it permanently transfer to The After Dark at Morley where it continued to reside, rocking the gaff for in excess of 10 years and became legendary as The North's premium techno night.






1. SL2 - Way In My Brain
2. Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby (Merci Renauxx)
3. Vision Masters - Keep On Pumpin' It
4. Flex & Uncle - Odd Ball (Merci Qpchan)
5. Rhythm Formation - Shattered Young (Merci Exxp)
6. Bizarre Inc. - You Took My Love
7. ID
8. Joe Smooth - Promise Land
9. ID
10. ID
11. Fuse - Substance abuse
12. ID
13. Chuck Roberts - My House (Acapella)
14. Beat Voice - This Is The Party
15. Laurent Garnier - Storm
16. React to Rhythm - Intoxication
17. Zero B - Lock Up
18. Dream Frequency - STEP OFF
19. ID
20. ID
21. Radical Rob - Monkey Wah (Remix) (Merci Qpchan)
22. Unity - Unity Remix
23. Exceller 8 - Can You Reach (Merci Exxp Et Renauxx)
24. Moby - Go
25. Moby - Go
26. Freestyle Orchestra - Keep On Pumping Acapella
27. ID

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