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April 30, 1993 - Carl Cox live at Universe - Tribal Gathering



Carl Cox live at the first Universe Tribal Gathering event. It's a tape rip from a Universe tape. Side B with DJ Ratty can also be found on this site.

The first Tribal Gathering festival took place in April 1993, although original promoters Paul Shurey and Ian Jenkinson had been promoting raves since 1989. Tribal Gathering came at time when the huge outdoor raves such as Perception, Vision, Raindance et al had begun to be eclipsed by club-culture. Recognising this change, but still wanting to retain and develop the festival feel, Paul and Ian pioneered the multi-arena dance event concept which, as the name Tribal Gathering name suggested, brought together different dance music cultures and styles under one festival. TG 1993, with over 25 000 in attendance, saw Danny Rampling, Pete Tong and David Morales at the same event as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, DJ Rap and The Prodigy. Although this maybe common place nowadays, with events such as Creamfields and Homelands, it was almost unheard of then.




  1. [00:00] Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic [Dance Ecstasy 2001 - DE 2009]
  2. [02:24] Force Mass Motion - Force Format [Rabbit City Records - CUT 007]
  3. [04:25] Trashman - Cosmotrash (Industrial Trash) [DFC - DFC 094]
  4. [05:55] DJ Rap & Aston - Vertigo (Tumbling Mix) [Suburban Base Records - SUBBASE 23]
  5. [08:10] Visa - Let Me See Ya Move (Carl Cox Militant March Mix) [MMR Productions - MMR002]
  6. [10:29] Frankie Bones - We Can Do This (Brooklyn Stormrave Mix) [Groove World - GWR 003]
  7. [13:38] Conquer - War Path [MMR Productions - MMR004]
  8. [16:58] Smokey Joe - Kiss My Neck [Strategic Dance Initiative (SDI) - SDI 004]
  9. [19:57] Tango & Fallout - Intrigue [NMI International - NMI 3]
  10. [23:46] Defcon - Defcon (Theme) [Hithouse Records - HIT 6.026]
  11. [27:39] Force Mass Motion - Panic [Rabbit City Records - CUT 007]


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