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April 30, 1993 - Mark Spoon live at Universe - Tribal Gathering



Mark Spoon live at the first Universe Tribal Gathering event. It's a 3D B.A.S.E. Enhanced Recording. Recorded live on 30th April, 1993 near Warminster, Wiltshire, UK. Inlay states "The re-unification of the scattered tribes of dance" . The tape was released by "Universe Merchandising (Bath) Ltd." The other side of the tape with CJ Bolland can also be found here.

Universe won the Mixmag Best Rave of the Year Award for 1992, but by September 1993 its holding company, BTY Ltd was forced into liquidation and Universe was wound up.  Universe always delivered its promises, but staging such huge events like Tribal gathering and Big Love became almost impossible when the police and local authorities started charging extortionate prices to control and license events.

In addition to new government legislation to control raves, local authorities up and down the country put controls on the illegal parties that were springing up everywhere and muscled in on the big bucks they knew the promoters were making.

Universe  wasn't the only victim, countless others suffered at the hands of the authorities who would demand up to £35,000 for a license, and then impose further controls by sending in the environmental health officer to turn the sound down or, occasionally, off altogether if it got to loud.   This was the case of the Mixmag's club tour named Gone to the Dogs, at their second rave party with Exodus in Kings Lynn - they got shut down for too high a sound level.







  1. [00:00] Circuit Breaker - Overkill [NovaMute - 12 NoMu 7]
  2. [00:26] Mindscape - Plasma [ESP Records - ESP 9135-1]
  3. [04:19] RAC - Heaven [Nucleus - NUKE 5]
  4. [10:05] ?
  5. [13:52] RAC - Neo Rio [Nucleus - NUKE 5]
  6. [18:13] Mindscape - Killing [ESP Records - ESP 9135-1]
  7. [21:36] RAC - 555 [Nucleus - NUKE 5]
  8. [25:24] Rhythm Control - The Voyage [TCX Records - TCX 1507]


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