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April 30, 1993 - Dave Angel live at Universe - Tribal Gathering



Dave Angel live at the first Universe Tribal Gathering event. It's a 3D B.A.S.E. Enhanced Recording. Recorded live on 30th April, 1993 near Warminster, Wiltshire, UK. Inlay states "The re-unification of the scattered tribes of dance" . The tape was released by "Universe Merchandising (Bath) Ltd." The other side of the tape with the Germand DJ Sven Väth  can also be found on this site.

Tribal Gathering 1993, with over 25 000 in attendance, saw Danny Rampling, Pete Tong and David Morales at the same event as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, DJ Rap and The Prodigy. Although this maybe common place nowadays, with events such as Creamfields and Homelands, it was almost unheard of then.

Tribal Gathering 1993 was a massive success - Mixmag & Disco Mirror voted it 'Party of the Year'- but the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act a year later meant, in October 1994, Tribal Gathering went on its first international excursion to Munich, Germany with a 20,000 person event and featured future German stars such as Paul Van Dyk, Tom Novy and DJ Dag. Tribal Gathering returned triumphantly to the U.K in 1995 and teamed up with The Mean Fiddler Organisation for another massive UK event.




  1. [00:00] Tretek - Born Again [Death Records - DTH 003]
  2. [01:55] Drax - Interior [Trope Recordings - trope 001]
  3. [07:51] Psilocybin - Delicate Substance [Delirium - DEL 002-92]
  4. [09:57] Koenig Cylinders - Carousel [IST Records - IST002]
  5. [13:44] Source - Analysis [R & S Records - RS 93005]
  6. [17:09] CJ Bolland - Spring Yard [R & S Records - RS 92024]
  7. [20:58] Holographic - Klystron [80 Aum Records - AUM 6711095]
  8. [23:51] Loopzone - Natural High [MFS - MFS 7037-0]

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