Eclipse, The (Coventry)


In October 1990 house music history was made in Coventry with the opening of a new club. In a time period that the house scene in England was still very underground a party was organized in the city center of Coventry. This club was called the " Eclipse". The city government could not prevent the club because no alcohol was served and it was a private club with members.

The club had a capacity of 1,600 men, and every Friday and Saturday it was filled with people who came from all over England. The best DJs played their records in this venue, including Boy George, Jeremy Healy, Roger Sanchez, Sasha and Parkes & Wilson . The Prodigy made ​​his first appearance in the Eclipse. For only 60 euros they gave a performance. Other well known artists that performed in this nice club were K Klass , SL2 , Altern 8 , Leftfield , Moby Shades of Rhythm and LFO .

In 1992 the club was the readers ' top Clubbers " named club of the year , but the reputation of the Eclipse rapidly declined due to drug use. This was reinforced by the death of a visitor to the club, after he had bought amphetamine from a dealer outside the club.
A name change to The Edge failed to bring back the glory days and a the end of 1993 the club was closed.

At the time of closing more than one million people had passed through its doors and it had a standing membership of 74,000. The only serious buzz Coventry had created since the days of 2-Tone had been silenced.

Photo: The Eclipse, Coventry in 1990