Haçienda (Manchester)

Fac 51 Haçienda (better known as simply The Haçienda ) was a dance club, but also a place where controlled renowned bands performed such as the New Order. The Haçienda opened its doors in 1982 and despite that financial problems were part of it's excistence it remained open until 1997, The heyday of the Haçienda were late eighties and early nineties .

The growth in the popularity of house in Manchester in the late eighties was mainly due to the success of Haçienda's Ibiza night, "Hot" and acid house night which was hosted by Mike Pickering and Jon Da Silva from July 1988. Although a large number of visitors passed the doors in these years the club was still in financial trouble because most of the money from the visitors was spend on ecstasy and not to drinks. As a result, the Haçienda was even forced to close ther doors for a short period  in 1991.