Miss Moneypenny's (Birmingham)


Miss Moneypenny's evolved as a weekly club event out of the extravagant, one-off ‘Chuff Chuff’ rave parties, a long-running and hedonistic house music event. Chuff Chuff was founded by Mick, Jim, and Dermot Ryan, and Lee Garrick and was initially held as a fancy-dress boat party.

Miss Moneypenny's was started in the summer of 1993 as a weekly Saturday-night event in Bonds nightclub in Birmingham and with resident DJ's Russell Salsbury and Simon Owen. The "Miss Moneypennys" name was chosen because of its association with the James Bond theme suggested by the name of the venue where the night was hosted.

Miss Moneypenny's began to hold other weekly residencies, at The Canal in Wolverhampton, The Church and Liberty's in Birmingham, SKOOL in London, and specialised nights such as MP'S, which was held at the Academy, Stoke-on-Trent, and a special student night, named Jelly Baby.

Miss Moneypenny's, which styles itself as "The Worlds Most Glamorous Clubbing Brand", has been throwing parties and events throughout the world since the 1990s. It has become an internationally recognised house music brand that hosts themed events, releases albums and brings its events to various venues, all to a backdrop of musical excellence by a group of very experienced in-house and guest DJs.

The club has been regularly featured on BBC Radio 1, in various DJ magazines, and has been voted a top UK dance nightclub since the early 1990s. Renowned for its flamboyance, lavish decor, clientele, and costumed dancers,

Miss Moneypenny's has successfully released a series of worldwide compilation albums on an annual basis, sixteen to date, as well as a consistent release schedule of commercial and underground dance tracks on its own in-house music record label, Miss Moneypenny’s Music.