Orbit, The


The Orbit nights ran from 1991 when it started playing hardcore right through until 2003. In the early days there were actually two Orbit nights running one in Morley, Leeds (right image) and one in the clubbing mecca of Ossett (left image). The music policy was originally piano heaven, whether Vertigo and Sasha style, or harder Grooverider and Sy style. By the middle of 1993 the club had seen the writing on the wall for the whistle posse and (some would say sadly) a strictly techno policy was then pursued. However as DJ bookings were placed some months in advance flyers for later in 1993 have interesting mixtures from week to week of hardcore and techno DJ’s, and some times even on the same night.

Cue pained letters to the clubbing magazines from those refused entry for wearing workmens outfits, hi vis, white hats etc. It was for the best in the long run as most of the hardcore nights (not the big events such as Fantazia) that had dominated in 91 and 92 had bitten the dust by the end of 93, but some of the original Orbit crew felt cheated and moved on to more rave friendly venues such as Bowlers and Angels.

As a result if the music policy shift, photos from the Orbit always have a strangely dressed crowd in them. There are the techno nutter shirt off crew, but then also a fairly dressed up mid 90’s crew as well. Ralph Lauren shirts and jumpers a plenty. Not the real super club wear of shiny shirts and furry boots (for the girls) that really took hold around 1994, but not what you’d expect in a club with a music policy that could be hard as nails. By the end of the night you could guarantee everyone would be soaked in sweat and looking bedraggled though.