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November 13, 1993 - BBC Essential mix with Andrew Weatherall behind the decks



In this third Essential Mix Andew Weatherall in the mix. Besides DJ and producer he also works as a freelance music journalist under the pseudonym Audrey Witherspoon. Together with Terry Farley en Pete Heller he founded a magazine about sport, fashion and music and they also organised parties and had a record label, Boys Own Recordings. After Weatherall left the company in 1992, the name changed into Junior Boy's Own.





  Killing Joke - Millenium
  Sabres of Paradise - Edge 6
  Brother Love Dubs - Mighty Ming(Sabres of Paradise remix)
  LFO Vs FUSE - Loop
  Sabres of Paradise - Smokebelch(Beatless)
  Plastikman - Spastik
  Sabres of Paradise - Lik Wid Nit Wit
  Black Dog - Virtual
  Psychick Warriors ov Gaia - Pull
  Shiver - Nightshift
  Experimentation - Flight 15
  Morgan Fisher - Humtone no 4
  3m - Accu H
  Planetary Assault Systems - Twilight
  Innersphere - Lets Go To Work
  Experimental - Afgan Acid
  3 Phase - Rota
  N.A.D - Habibi halilu
  Koenig Cylinders - Carousel


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