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January 29, 1994 - BBC Essential mix from Graeme Park 


The story of DJ Graeme Park really mirrors the story of the evolution of dance music and club culture itself. Graeme found himself working in a Nottingham record shop called Select-A-Disc in the early 1980s, when the very first house records began to filter through from Chicago, Detroit and New York. When the shop’s owner also opened a nightclub, it was only natural he should turn to Graeme to select the discs. Determined to showcase this new style of music, his reputation as a house pioneer soon brought him to the attention of Mike Pickering at the Hacienda in Manchester, who asked him to cover for him whilst he went on holiday in 1988. Simply put, there was no-one else in the country who could do the job. The Summer of Love followed, and Parky quickly became one of the biggest names on the emerging dance scene. Aside from his eight-year residency at the Hac, he was the first British DJ to play places like Australia, South America, the USA, Asia and beyond as well as producing and remixing tracks for the dancefloor.




  Eternal – “Just A Step From Heaven”,
  Sound Factory – “Good Times”,
  Arizona – “Specialise In Love”,
  Volcano – “More To Love”,
  Bottom Dollar – “You Can’t Turn Around”,
  Lex Loofah – “Freaky Deaky”,
  Politics Of Sound – “How Come Ya Gone?”,
  Sting – “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”,
  Degrees Of Motion – “Shine On”.
  Luv Tribe – “All Things Nice”,
  Inner City – “Do Ya?”,
  KWS – “It Seems To Hang On”,
  Dance Utd – “Freedom Of Life”,
  Diva Convention – “Never Leave You Lonely”,
  Incognito – “Pieces Of A Dream”,
  Joe Roberts – “Lover”,
  River Ocean – “Love & Happiness” (Cooltempo),
  Janet Jackson – “Because Of Love”.


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