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September 30, 1995 - Cristian Vogel live at the Tresor Tour at Aufschwung Ost, Kassel



This liveset from Cristian Vogel was broadcasted in a five hour special edition of the German radioshow hr3 clubnight.

In 1972 Cristian Vogel was born in Chile but he grew up in the UK. In the late eighties he started with producing electronic music and in 1990 he produced his first album which focussed on minimal break beats. In the early nineties he ran, together with Si Begg, a small cassette label named D & C Sight and Sound. After Vogel send a demo tape to Dave Clarke in 1992 the two began to work together which resulted in his first official release "The Infra EP" in 1993.

In 1993 and 1994 Vogel released several EPs on the renowned label Mille Plateaux and in 1994, the first Cristian Vogel album
"Beginning to Understand" appeared. From then on Cristian Vogel was booked as a DJ throughout Europe. In the late nineties Vogel began to cooperate with the British singer Jamie Lidell under the name Super Collider.





  1. Jiri Ceiver - Cristian Vogel Remix [Harthouse]
  2. Cristian Vogel - Bodymapping [Tresor]
  3. Neil Landstrumm - Ringbinder [Peacefrog]
  4. Cajmere - Underground Goodies EP [Clubhouse]
  5. Tobias Schmidt - Take That [Sativa]
  6. Robert Armani - Beat Trax [ACV]
  7. DJ Power Out - Hangoer [Geometric]
  8. Cristian Vogel - Absolute Time [Tresor]
  9. Jon Nuccle - DX Invader [Kickin]
  10. Cristian Vogel - Audiomorph [Mosquito]
  11. Cristian Vogel - Bodymapping [Tresor]
  12. Alexi Delano - Colour Clash [Hybrid]
  13. Optic Crux - EP - Track [Djax Up]
  14. DJ House What - All American Trax [White]


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