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April 30, 1994 - Marusha & Westbam live at Mayday "Rave Olympia", Dortmund, Germany



Liveset from the German DJ's Marusha and Westbam, recorded at Mayday Rave Olympia and broadcasted by the radioshow "Rave Satellite".

"Rave Olympia" was the sixth Mayday event and was held at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund. 24000 party people attended and 33 DJ's and liveacts were present at this festival.

Westbam was one of the founders of the Mayday events. He  organised the first event together with his brother DJ dick to support the German radio station DT64.

DT64 was the first German radio station broadcasting Techno and Marusha had a weekly show called Dancehall. The station was important because it gave a wide audience of young people access to this 'new' music genre.

Despite the succes of the event DT 64 was shut down and the DT-64 radio presenters, including Marusha, went to ORB youth radio station Rock Radio B.



Marusha (Rave Satellite, 1994-04-30)
  1. [00:00] ?
  2. [00:11] Chosen Few - Loved Music
  3. [04:12] Members Of Mayday - Enter The Arena
  4. [08:57] DJ Dick - We Have Risen
  5. [13:24] Members Of Mayday - Religion
  6. [17:01] WestBam Feat. Marusha - The Mayday Anthem
WestBam @ Mayday Rave Olympia (Rave Satellite, 1994-05-xx)
  1. [19:01] Repulsive 2 - Recactussed
  2. [21:29] Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (ID)
  3. [26:16] WestBam - Wizards Of The Sonic
  4. [30:38] Perplexer - Acid Folk
  5. [33:38] Bass X - Hardcore Disco Part II
  6. [37:12] DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - It's Gonna Be Alright


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